Sectional Dismantling

Sectional Dismantling

Pentland Tree Services has many calls upon its dismantling of trees in large or small confined spaces or where access is poor or difficult. The removal of dead and dangerous trees in confined spaces and over obstructions and buildings is an exacting and specialised task.

Pentland Tree Services. is able to carry out this work quickly and confidently using the advanced high climbing and lowering techniques practised by our skilled staff.

The calls for special techniques for removing canopies and stem sections by rope and lowering to the ground for disposal. We have invested in equipment and training and have a reputation for the efficient and safe disposal of difficult trees.

Our climbers and ground staff work as an efficient and formidable team using the latest rigging techniques. No damage to property or shrubs is necessary if this work is executed properly by competent staff.

Wherever possible in large and difficult removal situations we will use mobile crane equipment. This is safer, quicker and very cost effective. Pentland Tree Services. have staff from their Edinburgh Depot qualified in site appraisals and in running technical removals on construction sites, highways and close to overhead services.skills for the sectional