Pentland Tree Services. are highly proficient in all aspects of forestry and woodland management for the diverse (but interrelated issues) of conservation, timber production and landscaping. Among our customers are woodland owners with resources from 1.5 to 200 hectares.

We are comprehensively equipped to deal with all types of woodland management including planned and licensed coppicing and high-forest felling together with harvesting in appropriate season.

Pentland Tree Services. are able to provide advice and practical services to landowners on all aspects of woodland management including:

  • The design of environmentally sound and productive planting of new woodlands and the regeneration of neglected sites.
  • Maintenance and management of drainage ditches, culverts, tracks and footpaths, also the design of new infrastructure schemes.
  • Provision and correct planting of all types of woodland tree stock, hedging and associated fencing.
  • Our experienced staff can devise and advise on long-term strategies and programmes for the management of tree growing through to rotational coppicing and high-forest felling and regeneration schemes.
  • The felling and marketing of all sizes of timber.

Pentland Tree Services. also carry out site clearances where necessary and can clear large areas of woodland and scrub for civil engineering projects or in preparation for replanting neglected sites.

Pentland Tree Services. can offer expertise in the control and management of deer and rabbit populations and the provision and management of stock fencing.